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Engagement: Why it matters and how it can help you build a returning, loyal audience.

Measure your audience's engagement and increase your brand's power

Measure What Matters

It’s not enough to just count clicks and page views anymore. If you truly want to know if your content is resonating with your audience, you need to measure engagement—the time visitors spend actively consuming the content on your site.

Our research shows there’s a strong correlation between your visitors’ engagement and their propensity to return to your site. In fact, visitors who read an article for three minutes returned twice as often as those who read for one minute. Cool, right? It means your best content is doing its job.

This tie between engagement and building a returning audience matters and has become a fundamental part of publishers, editors, journalists and social media managers’ audience development strategy.

Start Building Your Core Audience

Download this study to understand how tracking engagement can help you:

  • Connect the right content with the right audience. Find your highest quality content and get it in front of the right audience at exactly the right time.
  • Keep your visitors coming back for more. Uncover your most popular and engaging articles to keep readers coming back day after day.
  • Adapt to your audience’s content experience in real time. Quickly see which referrers are driving the most visitor engagement and react and adapt right away.

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