The Recommendation Engine

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Automated and personalized recommendations

Our hybrid AI-based recommendations engine combines existing Chartbeat technology with content and reader segment metadata to help publishers suggest engaging content to their readers. Use our suite of APIs to surface engaging content based on reader behaviors with these modules:

  • Device-Tailored Recommender: Personalize recommendations based on interests and on-site behavior for reader segments taking into account the device type for an enhanced browsing experience.
  • Related Articles: Recommend articles that are related to the current article being read.
  • Region-Tailored Recommender: Personalize top trending content in the region of your readers

Track ROI across Click-through Rate, Average Engaged Time, and more

A weekly report details the direct impact of Chartbeat Recommendations on vital audience metrics like Click-through Rate and Average Engaged Time.

Editor's picks made easy

Our Chrome Extension is an easy-to-use, self-serve interface for individual users on editorial teams, to help them discover and tailor recommendations for any piece of content.