National Daily Newspaper Increased Revenue by 15%










Analyst Productivity*


Editor and Writer Productivity*

business gains


YoY Revenue*


Subscription Revenue*

*Third-party verified annual benefit


This Brazilian newspaper has a long and storied history. Since the early 19th century, the paper has held political independence as an editorial cornerstone serving the needs and interests of the country’s vast and diverse communities, as well as an international audience.

Business Needs

  • Maintain highest readership in country among both online and print newspapers
  • Increase readership, engagement, and number of new visitors
    • Ensure editorial content measurably reflects interests/concerns/needs of digital audience
  • Increase productivity by enabling writers, editors, analysts and web team to operate at maximum efficiency
  • Increase revenue
    • Convert more casual readers into subscribers
    • Maintain high levels of subscriber loyalty
    • Supplement traditional advertising revenue with sponsor-supported webinars/seminars
“We do special [paid] sponsor events — seminars, webinars — and have strong partnerships with brands. We’ve had a great year commercially because of this. It’s a key reason we are growing 15% each year. And we’ve used Chartbeat to decide which topics we’re going to do an event around.”
Sr. Audience Development Mgr.


  • Attract new readers with paywalled content that converts casual readers into loyal subscribers.
  • Identify the headlines that perform best with Google Search and those that perform best with subscribers, so editors can tailor headlines by audience and successfully attract and engage both.
  • Provide valuable feedback on reader engagement with articles, so journalists know when to be brief and when to provide in-depth information.
  • Enable this publisher to pursue other innovative, revenue-producing endeavors.


  • For writers and editors, Chartbeat provides real-time data on headlines and clicks, so no time is wasted on debate or headlines that don’t work. In addition, Chartbeat provides valuable feedback on reader engagement with articles, so journalists know when to be brief and when to provide in-depth information.
  • Revenue is the lifeblood of an organization, and this is where Chartbeat has proven to be a crucial partner. First, Chartbeat provides insights that enable the paper to convert casual readers into subscribers. Second, Chartbeat arms the commercial team with data to close more advertising business. Third, Chartbeat identifies opportunities for sponsored webinars on topics of interest.

Annualized Benefits

  • 15% increase in revenue YoY 
  • 30-40% increase in productivity of analysts
  • 25% increase in productivity of editors and writers
  • 3-4% increase in recirculation
“Analysts are between 30–40% more productive because we get information in real-time. Chartbeat has made it much easier to talk to journalists about data. All the journalists know the dashboard. It’s on their phones. So, analysts can talk to more journalists and give them feedback. It’s more efficient. No debate.”
Head of Digital & Audience Editor

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