UK Newspaper Group Increased Subscriber Revenue by 30% and Newsroom Productivity by 30-50%


United Kingdom








Editor Productivity*


Newsroom Productivity*

business gains


Subscribership Revenue*


Ad Revenue*

*Third-party verified annual benefit


This newspaper group publishes three daily newspapers, five national titles, over 150 regional papers, and 100 websites in conjunction with its print papers. 

Business Needs

  • Aligned team in local newsrooms across UK that creates engaging factual content resulting in more ad revenue and subscriptions
  • Data-informed decisions like homepage curation, story placement, social promotion
  • Real-time analytics to inform highly-paid analytics employees
  • Real-time feedback to lower newsroom & analytics employees’ costs
  • Real-time audience engagement metrics that scale with engagement
  • Elimination of missed opportunities
“It’s not an understatement to say our growth is due to Chartbeat. Our digital journalism now creates a linear connection between the newsroom output and revenue.”
— Chief Audience Officer


  • Employ 4,400 employees (1,200 in newsrooms) in a worldwide network to inform a local, regional and national audience of the news.
  • Maximize every piece of content to deliver factual information that creates loyalty and leads to increasing revenues from subscriptions and advertisements.
  • Profitably grow while others are shrinking.


Leverage Chartbeat throughout all of its UK-based newsrooms, across 1,200 editors and content creators in the UK. Loyalty (defined as 8 daily visits within a 16-day measurement period) was significantly improved through minute-by-minute real-time data.

Superior content has also lead to an annual increase of £12.28m (16% increase) in advertising revenue, a 50% productivity improvement among editors, and a 30% productivity improvement in the rest of the newsroom in the last 12 months.

Annualized Benefits

  • £3.45m increase in subscription profit
  • £1.08m increase in incremental advertising
  • £14.28m savings from productivity improvement among editors
  • £25.92m savings from productivity in the rest of the newsroom
“Chartbeat has the scope to make our analysts massively more efficient. Our conversations begin and end with Chartbeat, making editors 50% more effective as seen by sustainable audience growth and loyal users outpacing regular users.”
Chief Audience Officer

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